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As KUYAŞ Gayrimenkul, with the investment of approximately 500 million dollars on the Basın Express Way, we realized Kuyumcukent, which brings together the integrated gold and jewelry industry under a roof in an area of 550 thousand square meters, and includes the Wedding World Shopping Mall, Istanbul Vision Park Office Blocks and Istanbul Vision Park Center Plaza projects.

Considered as one of the leading construction companies in the industry, our company has the distinction of being the only 100% publicly traded real estate company of Turkey. Leading the way in Turkey with this development, Kuyaş Gayrimenkul began to be traded on the 2nd National Market of Istanbul Stock Exchange since December 2013

Designed to store the gold of our country which is being hold in abroad currently and the precious gemstones of the Middle East, "Borsa Istanbul Precious Metals and Diamond Market Building" and "Borsa Tower Office Project" built by KUYAŞ Gayrimenkul in Yenibosna and sold to Borsa Istanbul stock exchange, add a new value to the Basın Express Way from an architectural and commercial stand point.

With this architectural project developed, we have won an award in the category of "Best Office Architecture" at the European Property Awards, the European leg of the International Property Awards, which is considered as one of the most prestigious real estate and architecture awards in the world.

As KUYAŞ Gayrimenkul, which sets out to add value to the lives of people in projects realized on plots with high investment value and high potential of advancement, we focused on new projects as of 2016 to develop and build residential and commercial projects.

Today, in addition to carrying out ambitious projects on the plots we own, we are producing new housing projects in Feneryolu and Kalamış, which are adjacent to Bağdat Street, one of the most prestigious locations of Istanbul, for medium term targets such as urban renewal. We continue our efforts to participate in the Emlak Konut - Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKI) tenders, and we continue our search to identify new plots in order to develop new projects.

As KUYAŞ Gayrimenkul, we have completed many successful projects in 11 years. Now, we continue our way to build new projects in different districts of Istanbul. The outwardly reflected face of the change was undoubtedly our innovations in our corporate identity, especially in our logo.

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Palmiye Apartments

On the most valued point of Caddebostan

Only 400m away from Bağdat Caddesi

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2 blok
26 daire

Toplam 1.190m2 arazi üzerine konumlanmış 2 blok toplam 26 daireden oluşmaktadır.

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Metre kare
Ferah salon

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